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I've been a member for a little while however only really starting to "get involved". I'm not a professional artist although I have had work published in the past. I work in media sales and therefore spend a lot of work time designing and creating print and online media campaigns. This involves creating the ads too sometimes.

I have been painting in various mediums for many years and, as of the last twelve months or so, have now ventured into digital art....and I love it.

I love any form of fantasy art and, due to playing in younger years and my sons playing now, really like the Warhammer universe, especially 40k.

Having said that, I have been experimenting with figures and techniques and (slightly embarrassed cough) seem to be focusing on the female form. Ok...I admit it...I'm male, I like the female form. So my rationale is, why not draw something you like. I appreciate that this might not be to everyone's taste. None of the pictures I've posted are meant to offend and I really hope they don't.

I would welcome any comments. critique, suggestions for improvement etc. All welcome, read and, time allowing, responded to.

Anyway, glad to be here, love your artwork and hope you enjoy mine.


Richard Wilkins
United Kingdom


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